Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wherein I am the whiniest asshole in whinytown

All was going according to plan. i got my Xanax and my ambien and floated off into sleepy town. Then at midnight they woke me up to check vitals, then restless legs kicked in, then some future rocket scientist of America starts running a goddam floor buffer outside in the hall. It is at this point my heparin drip machine starts with its goddam beep beep beep for some phantom non existent issue, and I call the nurse to shut it up so I don't need to burn the hospital down. I tell them I need something to put me back to sleep. They ask whomever they ask. I am denied. It is at this point I burst into tears like a total asshole because I am tired but simultaneously upset, and hurty because my right hand has been stuck so many times I can barely move my pinky finger and the entire top of my hand is being encroached upon by a hideous green bruise and I am DONE and the last fucking thing I want to do is lay here awake and think all about what awaits me for the next 4 -5 hours until they wake me for the parade of indignity that is pre-op. Fortunately nurse takes pity on me, calls the dispenser of the drugs again, and gets me a Xanax which I doubt will put me back to sleep but at least I will relax as I lay here and stare at the ceiling until dawn. So for all you folks telling me I'm brave, nope, I'm just another big whiny baby like he rest of the assholes.