Monday, October 19, 2015

I think I live here now.

It's a whole week I've been here. To what end? I don't know. I spoke with liver doctor regarding the findings from the liver CT I had the other day and he seemed to feel that my liver is fine and would be fine through surgery. Supposedly these guys are some of the top liver people in the country and if they think my liver is fine, this is good. Maybe that means I can just go ahead with my surgery like they planned before rather than as before when they were thought there possibly might be a problem that there would have to be a new approach and perhaps instead of grafting in a dacron tube to replace the damaged aorta they would instead try and fix the aneurysm with stents, which honestly I am just not stoked about.  What little I read about stents I don't like the sound of. So anyway hopefully tomorrow my surgeon will come and talk to me and tell me what he thinks now that we have all this new liver information and also hopefully my INR will be back at the level that they will let me get the fuck out of here because holy God in heaven you know it's really boring is being in a hospital stone fucking sober I mean they give me Xanax but that really doesn't help much and I'm just bored... I'm really bored I can't concentrate on reading I can't really do anything I have watched more  Law & Order in the last week that I have all year and I'm ready to go home that said if tomorrow my surgeon came in and said hey were taking you back off the Coumadin were putting it back on the heparin driving it down we're doing the surgery this week I would be OK with that too I just want a timeline. I want to know when I can actually officially start planning my life again because right now I have no fucking idea what's happening and I am fucking tired of it. 
Taking my heparin drip for walkies.