Tuesday, October 13, 2015

And here we go.

Greetings from my luxe accommodations!
Took all day but a bed finally opened up. So far everyone has been lovely, even when performing acts that might be a a little unpleasant. Urine sample via catheter (not nice) nose and rectal swabs (also not nice) EKG (easy peasy had a million of em) BP, pulse ox or whatever that fingertip clippy thing is, IV port inserted, and soon they will be in with my heparin drip, and hopefully my Xanax and ambien. While I don't actually feel anxious, I keep almost starting to cry for no reason and I REFUSE to be irrational crying girl. So demanding all the drugs. 
Heart monitor
Swabs that went places they were not welcome
Cool goth sex light for finding my veins that were hard to find. 
IV port hookup 
Heparin drip thingy that's making annoying clicky noises. 

Well my drugs are in my belly, So i guess I'm all in now! Let the games begin. Any questions? Feel free.