Friday, October 16, 2015

Holding pattern

So I am still in the hospital. Yesterday I had a CT scan for my liver and met with the liver department people. They really didn't seem that concerned, I have elevated protein levels or something like that, but whatever it is, it's out of the ordinary and they want to make sure what they're dealing with before I am cleared for surgery. Surgeon plans to use a technique called Deep Hyperthermic Circulatory Arrest which basically means I'll be an actual zombie after, so that's pretty cool, but they need to make sure that this process will not kill my liver therefore trading one problem for another. So as it stands, I am back on Coumadin along with Heparin to draw up my INR numbers and I will be sent home on Sunday or Monday. Then, after they look at all the tests on my liver and possibly do a liver biopsy, then and only then will they either reschedule my surgery or make a new plan. Today my INR was at 1.0, needs to be 1.6 or higher before I can leave. Hoping that will be tomorrow. I miss my cats and not being tethered to this fucking contraption.