Wednesday, December 16, 2015

And here we are again

So I didn't mean to up and walk out on y'all for a couple of months but there it is. Floundered a bit after getting out of the hospital, was very depressed for a couple of weeks and extremely anxious. Towards the end of that my back for no particular reason, became spontaneously wankered, and then when that finally cleared up (mostly) I just started getting caught up on living my life and since my surgeon didn't return my calls for a couple of weeks I sort of let myself forget about it for a bit. I finally had my cardiologist call him personally and then he finally got back to me. We are looking at a mid january surgery so in hospital speak I think that means some time in February. So Xmas in 10 days then I'm off to ring in the New Year in Manhattan (in the safety of a friends cozy apartment, eff that Times Square fuckery, even if I had the energy for something like that, nothing about being crammed into a crowd with a bunch of drunk, potentially vomity strangers is the least bit compelling to me. No, I will be sipping a polite cocktail with one of my oldest friends, a cat, and a corgi. Despite not going out I still plan to wear sequins. Because I like sparkles.

So thats where I am now. I'm not gonna lie, I probably won't post much until I have a date, but just wanted to check in and wish everyone a Happy Festivus.